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It asset value

What makes SDR-IT so special when it comes to IT asset value recovery ? This year with our strategic partner COMPAN-IT Sp.k. we have already sold up to 12,000 pieces of refurbished IT equipment for our customers.

itad3Why do we always think one step ahead?

Does your company have IT equipment that is no longer used and you are looking for a sustainable solution for the recycling of this equipment? That’s easy – just simply put your used IT equipment, including accessories, into the capable hands of our experts, which guarantees that you will get the best out of your old equipment. We offer a seamless logistics solution with regards to the refurbishment and recycling of your IT assets.

From laptops, desktops, workstations, monitors, tablets and servers to smartphones – our experienced employees will take care of the cleaning of the equipment, the complete erasure of data using certified data wiping software and the optimal recycling of your hardware.

Why can we always get the best out of IT equipment?

SDR-IT by picking up IT equipment, allows the client to focus on the business. When the customer concentrate on core business, our experienced employees record and clean IT equipment, assign the equipment to a quality level depending on its condition and wipe data to be sure it’s 100% gone .

At the final stage, the possible use of taken over equipment is determined. We pay special attention to the condition of the devices, which is why we test them using every possible methods.

Every storage media contained a data deletion certificate. All this allows to offer IT equipment via a Europe-wide customer network and receive most attractive offer. As your experienced logistics partner, we will take care of IT equipment, make its most effective development, which will affect the recovered part of the invested funds. The entire process from contact with SDR-IT, through audit, logistics, data erasure, maintenance and sales is supervised by our experts.


maciejchyra_com-IMG_2883 (1)Old IT equipment is worth more than you might think!

We offer complete services packages tailored to the needs of each client in the area of ​​resale and takeover of IT equipment. Thanks to them, the client gains not only the time he would have to devote to developing IT equipment, but most importantly he gains security and the opportunity to regain its value once, and all without risk ... Yes it's possible! Why are we so sure?

Due to our procedures, standards and close co-operation with our strategic partner COMPAN-IT Sp.k. we are sure that the equipment sold by SDR-IT is free of defects and does not contain information whose disclosure could be dangerous. Such equipment is put up for auction, often with warranty and post-warranty service. Thanks to this process, we guarantee maximum use of IT systems.

We guarantee that our clients will always receive the transparency that they desire starting from the cleaning and evaluation of IT hardware according to set quality guidelines to the conclusion of the sale. We treat the customer as a partner with whom we achieve success.
We have experience and we know that the IT equipment provided to us has a different value, which is why we offer the possibility of taking over the equipment and paying out its value, as well as its cleaning, maintenance and subsequent resale, and consequently, the distribution of profit obtained from sales.


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