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Data center

likwidacjadc_mSecurity during the liquidation of the Data Center is no less important than during its operation. SDR-IT, from accepting the order to its completion, works in a way that prevents data leakage. Effectiveness of operation combined with cooperation with the client, fully secured transport, sealing IT assets, specialized containers as well as appropriate storage space is what makes SDR-IT special. The entire decommissioning process is documented and the equipment fully recorded so as to ensure full transparency of our activities.

maciejchyra_com-IMG_3273Our team of technicians consists only of trained employees. Employment of the best people in the industry, care for their knowledge and personal development, allows you to meet the multidimensional requirements of customers.

All SDR-IT employees know and adhere to security procedures and sign relevant confidentiality clauses. At SDR-IT, we operate on the basis of strictly defined procedures, thanks to which every service is performed in a uniform manner and at the same highest level. Why are we so sure? All our activities have been confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Every year we undergo appropriate audits confirming not only the maintenance of ISO standards, but also their increasing level.

Not everyone realize that the weakest element of services is transport. Few service providers have their own transport fleet. SDR-IT has its own vehicles and equipment is picked up only with their use. We do not use third party services, because security is the most important thing in SDR-IT. All vehicles are equipped with GPS transmitters, thanks to which the customer can track the route. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with video monitoring, which allows viewing of transported IT assets in real time or at a later date, after such recording has been provided by SDR-IT.

The machine park that SDR-IT employees have at their disposal ensures not only full safety, but also speed and efficiency in operation with extremely sensitive IT equipment. Regardless of the weight of the equipment or its dimensions, it will be dismantled by technicians, secured, transported and, if necessary, stored in SDR-IT warehouses, and finally delivered to the destination indicated by the customer.

The choice of equipment on which we work was not accidental - suppliers such as ServerLIFT and NDC Solutions offer equipment of the highest quality level, allowing to perform even the most difficult tasks.

maciejchyra_com-IMG_2872SDR-IT has over 4,000 m2 of warehouse space, some of which create a separate area for disk shredding and data erasure. When creating and equipping work stations, only the most modern technical solutions were used. Each element of SDR-IT warehouses is fully thought out both in terms of safety and ergonomics, as well as to create a friendly working environment for our employees.

Therefore, regardless of whether you completely liquidate the data center, transport part or all of your IT assets, SDR-IT will perform this service ensuring full security. If you are also interested in selling liquidated IT assets, check our offer in the field of recovering the value of IT assets, if you are interested in purchasing IT equipment, please contact us, and also see the offer of our strategic partner COMPAN-IT Sp.k.

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