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Physical destruction
of storage media

SDR-IT also offers disk shredding. We have professional 4-shaft RS40 and RS30 shredders provided by Austrian UNTHA and DEPEI, capable of destroying storage medias in compliance with  P4, E5/6, O5, T5, H5 levels of the DIN 66399 standard. The safety level of UNTHA shredder is confirmed with Dekra certificate of 11.10.2018.

With the help of four shafts the material to be shredded is passed to main blades, for preliminary and secondary cutting in a single process. Next shafts pass the material for re-shredding until achieving the target size determined by a sieve.




The Mobile Destruction Center (MCN) is a device thanks to which there is no need to move storage media outside the headquarters of the client company. We have repeatedly met with concerns regarding the carriage of storage media and data security. Although the procedures in SDR-IT guarantee the safe transport of resources , we offer a new service, which is the possibility of destroying HDDs, SSDs and LTO tapes at any place indicated by the customer. MCN is an autonomous unit that can be quickly transported to a Data Center or other place. The heart of the device is a UNTHA shredder designed to destroy storage media. The device is equipped with special sieves that prevent any larger elements from getting through the four-shaft cutting knives. Damaged carrier elements are fed through knife screens until they are cut into elements compliant with the P4, E3, O5, T5, H5 safety standards. 

The security levels provided by UNTHA devices are fully sufficient to ensure irreversible damage to storage media. However, we are constantly developing our machine park, offering our clients the highest world standards. The development of technology and the miniaturization of components, such as flash memory, requires the use of devices that can destroy the smallest element. One of the devices that is used in SDR-IT is DEPEI machines that offer E5 and E6 destruction levels. The difference in the level of destruction for H5 HDDs and E5 SSDs can be seen in the picture below


The process of disk destruction can be carried out both in headquarters of the client company or in our headquarters. To guarantee the highest level of security, the entire logistics process is monitored and the customer has access to the online image. We collect discs from the customer in sealed containers. Opening the container in our headquarters also takes place under the watchful eye of the camera. Video data from the process of disk destruction is stored 30 days on our servers.