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This is secure!

Software-based data erasure is as secure as physical destruction of hardware. The software used by Secure Data Recycling IT guarantees complete erasure of data while preserving data carrier.

When making decision on software-based data erasure, you should consider:

  • compliance of the service provider’s software with generally binding legal and technical requirements, certificates, permits and concessions, if required, issued by state administration bodies and international organisations
  • reporting method – report should include series numbers of devices, show continuity and compliance of data erasure process performed and full information on the person and company performing the process.
  • automated operation - the software used for data erasure must ensure adequate task automation level to efficiently carry out the entire operation without additional measures to be provided by the Client.
  • universality – the service provider should use a single solution across all storage devices e.g. HDDs, SSds, Flash memories The software should be fast and comfortable to use.
  • wide support – the service provider should offer support of various hardware platforms
  • efficiency – the software and other resources used by the service providers should enable erasure of data large volumes in short time, to reduce the costs of storing obsolete devices

Among similar solutions existing in the market, only Blancco software can boast the highest efficiency confirmed with numerous certificates and recommendations. In the data erasure process it is important to obtain full access to data carrier, including hidden/blocked areas such as host protected area (HPA), device configuration overlay (DCO) and “reserve” sectors. Missing access to protected parts of data carrier may prevent certain data from being wiped.

The Blancco solution not only offers complete erasure of data, but also reports on correct performance of each process step.


How Secure Data Recycling IT meets the Clients’ needs using White Canyon or Blancco  software.


  • 22 overwrite standards to be selected from
  • patented method of erasing data from SSDs
  • all disk sectors are checked for any non-erased data
  • the data erasure report is protected against tampering


  • data erasure management from a central console
  • operations scaling with simultaneous erasure operation
  • efficient operation regardless of operating system or hardware make

Compliance with security policy in the organisation

  • reports are stored a single place in a way preventing any interference
  • reports can be viewed, sent and saved by the security team in the organisation
  • reporting is adapted to the Client’s needs and requirements 


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