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Home Erasing data from mobile devices

Erasing data from mobile devices

With ever growing number of mobile devices used in everyday work, the volume of data stored in their memory has also increased. Data removal after mobile equipment service life expires may become an issue. Blancco Mobile Device Eraser used by  Secure Data Recycling IT enables not only permanent removal of data stored in mobile devices, but also diagnostics of mobile devices to increase efficiency, improve security and ensure compliance, with the possibility of re-using the device as additional advantage.
Blancco Mobile Device Eraser software enables:

  • Diagnostics – identifying and solving efficiency problems using 42 IOS and 47 Android diagnostic tests
  • Data erasure – 13 erasure standards to be chosen from, including Aperiodic, random algorithms, Crypto Erase and DoD 5520.22M
  • Reporting – ensuring tamper-proof reports


Advantages of using Blanco Mobile Eraser:

  • is supported by many operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry,
  • quickly removes data from over 80 mobile devices simultaneously,
  • automatically selects the fastest and the most efficient method of data erasure,
  • has reliable tests allowing for solving efficiency problems (discharged battery, card failure),
  • complies with state, federal and international data privacy regulations, including NIST 800-88 Clear & Purge, GPDR, DOD 5220.22,
  • saves processing time due to automatic tests,
  • ensures data analysis on processed devices,
  • enables checking IMEI and FMiP numbers and operator’s blocks,
  • creates certified audit path secured against unauthorised access.

Secure data erasure is the last step of each comprehensive data security policy.

Do you know that…?

  • About 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2016*
  • About 222 million used smartphones will be sold annually by 2020 **
  • Average selling price of a used device is expected to amount to USD 136 in 2020. **

* Statista
** IDC


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